Product Quality

Product Quality

We specialise in creating high-quality kitchen and bathroom fixtures that unite durability with style.

Our team thoughtfully designs and develops each item in-house in order to maintain an excellent standard of care and precision across our entire range.

By embracing elegance, simplicity, and functionality as the foundation of our designs, our products will add value to the everyday experience for many years to come, with our 25-year additional warranty as a testament to this promise.

Parts and Materials

We take great care in sourcing product components of the utmost quality from around the world. Our selection process involves thorough testing and analysis of performance data to ensure excellent functionality and proven longevity, safeguarding the mechanical integrity of all our products.

We adopt the same thorough approach when selecting our materials, including solid brass, stainless steel, solid surface, and acrylic.

Our strict commitment to sourcing high-quality materials is maintained through careful examination of each raw material’s ingredient levels before construction begins.


By dedicating time and resources to selecting our parts and materials, we can continue to create an extensive range of structurally reliable products that promote longevity.