Renovating Bathrooms

We have the privilege of providing Western Australia’s competitive construction industry with civil plumbing and hydraulic services since 2004. Our revolutionary construction method has been tried and tested in large scale construction projects and we are now introducing our efficient system into your homes.

We are proud to expand our services to introduce our quick and cost-effective construction method to Perth’s bathroom renovation market. Our quick, clean and easy to install system allow us to create the bathroom of your dreams with minimal demolition or the need of numerous tradesmen. This allows us to complete your bathroom renovation within 15 business days. Not only can we revamp your current bathroom, but we can also create a fully functional bathroom in any space. Check out our gallery to see how we converted a small storage closet from a dead space to a fully functional bathroom in 10 working days!

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How We Renovate

Discover the ease and efficiency of our innovative bathroom renovation system. Designed for quick installation, our light load-bearing walls come with customizable fixtures, expertly fitted by our licensed plumbers. This unique approach eliminates the need for demolition, significantly reducing dust, noise, and mess. Experience a faster, cleaner renovation process with fewer tradesmen required.

Witness our expertise in action: we recently transformed a small storage closet into a fully functional bathroom in just 10 working days. Our systems are tailored to your vision, offering an extensive range of accessories to realize your dream bathroom.

Every structure is meticulously crafted offsite and seamlessly installed onsite by our team of highly skilled, qualified plumbers. The result? A beautifully finished bathroom, ready for use in mere hours. Choose VERVE BATHROOM DESIGN for a hassle-free renovation journey, where your dream bathroom becomes a reality.

Pre-Renovation Planning

Detailed Construction Drawings Prepared in Advance.

Efficient Execution

Initiating Work Strictly According to the Planned Schedule.

Timely Completion

Adhering to Deadlines to Realize Your Renovation Plan Promptly.